Hydroseeding is a simple process that combines seed, fertilizer, mulch and water. This slurry is pressure sprayed on a soil surface to provide a cohesive mat which protects the seed and soil. It also provides a micro climate for maximum germination.

The different types of mulch are:

  • VERDYOL MULCH - this is made from sun-dried plant fibres (straw), cellulose-pulp (paper) and cotton. This mulch creates a natural, non-toxic, protected environment for erosion control and seed protection for nutrient deficient soils, steep slopes and subsoils.
  • FIBRAMULCH - this is a wood cellulose (paper) mulch which is dyed green. It is highly water absorbent and is used successfully wherever turf growth is required.





Brillion Seeding
Brillion seeding is the process of mechanically embedding the seed into the topsoil. It is usually done on larger, high-end projects to achieve a more consistent germination. Examples of projects where brillion seeding is used are golf courses, sports fields, parks and large residential lots. This process may be done with or without mulching.
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