Erosion Control

SOILGUARD - (Bonded Fibre Matrix) is a blend of natural wood fibres, a natural polymer binder and a mixture of organic and mineral activators.

Soilguard binds mulch fibres together into a continuous, erosion-resistant mat which provides extremely effective erosion control.

Soilguard is used on extremely steep slopes to control erosion from over-land water flows, high-intensity rainfalls and washouts.


ERO-MAT - is a natural biodegradable erosion control blanket, (made from straw and netting) promoting germination on all weather-exposed terrains. It is manually installed and is held down with metal staples. The blanket decomposes into a natural mulch. By retaining moisture, it controls runoff and promotes the early germination of seed.

Ero-mat is used on extremely steep embankments, large drainage areas and environmentally sensitive terrain. (ie. highway slopes, berms, etc.)

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